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Program 2017

THE Geek Fest (TGF) offers quality conference-style presentations, guest speakers and topic sessions for one amazingly low price -- FREE. Yes, it's really FREE. Session topics range from software development and animation to social media and education. There is something for everyone and all levels of geek during THE Geek Fest. Sessions begin at 10:00 a.m. and are generally 1 hour in length with 15 minute breaks between. Seating is limited so try to get there early and grab your spot!

  • 9 a.m.

    Charlotte Internet of Things @ LV1408

    Rotating every hour for 45 min:

    Instant IoT with Particle Photon:
    The Photon’s quick integration with Alexa, Google, and hundreds of IFTTT apps; along with enterprise scaling options, makes the little board our go-to for quick development. We will be showing examples of awesome tools and toys we have made with this little Wi-Fi microcontroller-- such as the Boo-Bubbles, talking Eeyore, flame-throwing vegetables, and best of all, hacked wheel-chairs.’s Instant programing toys and tools with an Adafruit microcontroller and Microsoft’s Makecode project:
    DIY microcontrollers are making the art of tinkering easier. Now, users can work without knowing a specific coding language. Thanks to projects like MIT’s scratch and Microsoft’s Makecode, users can drag and drop programming blocks of inputs and outputs to make microcontrollers blink in an instance. Adafruit’s Playground Express will be our tool of choice for this demonstration and hands-on activity. Boards were provided by

  • 9 a.m.

    How to get hired in high tech, a CTO Perspective @ LV2300

    Lending Tree's CTO will discuss what we look for when hiring for High Tech Jobs

    Speaker: Paul Tyma, CTO Lending Tree

  • 9 a.m.

    A few of my favorite things (aka "Everything is Awesome") @ LV1234

    Using "The Brain" mind mapping application, the presenter will show an audience directed list of amazing things from around the world and the web = some related to the web and others just cool, from music, to robots, to art, to nature... it'll all awesome!

    Speaker: D.I. vonBriesen

  • 9 a.m.

    The Art of the Music Mixdown @ LV1410

    A session on creating the final mix of a music or sound recording. The session includes demonstrations and discussion about: the importance of balance and sound quality in recorded sound, How to achieve the ultimate balance, and The use of signal processing and audio plug-ins.

    Speaker: Dan Guerrie

  • 9 a.m.

    Speed Geek @ Joe Hendrick Center for Automotive Technology

    Event Highlights will include:

    • Automotive technology past, present, and future
    • Real Nascar Racers
    • Student built rat rods
    • The latest in BMW electric vehicles.
    • BMW computer controlled variable lift engine demonstrations (accompanied by a BMW Motorsports vehicle).
    • a 440i with hard top convertible technology
    • reclining in our $110,000 BMW 740i and experimenting with the latest advancement in rear cabin entertainment.
    • -a BMW 650i with advanced suspension components that can dance. See it happen!
    • The latest Heavy equipment turbo diesel engine training simulators.

  • 10 a.m.

    Learning how to Learn (IT/Programming/web as an example) @ LV1234

    Learn about the world of library digital services and popular apps on the market today. Explore eBook, eMagazine, eAudiobooks, eLearning, music, and movies. Also check out some of the library staff’s favorite apps for digital communications, finance, health, MOOCs, productivity, and presentations. This will be a fast paced session intended to spark your interest in mobile technology. 

    Speaker: D.I. vonBreisen

  • 10 a.m.

    Sample Bootcamp @ LV1410

    This session covers the vital aspects of sampling sounds to use in music creation. Topics include, sampling live audio for use as musical elements or sound effects, microphone techniques used for sampling, looping, and the legal/ethical aspect of samples.

    Speaker: Dan Guerrie

  • 10 a.m.

    The Technology Highway: Previewing the Monroe Expressway @ LV2300

    In 2018, the North Carolina Turnpike Authority will open the Monroe Expressway, the second modern toll road in North Carolina and the first in the Charlotte area. Although drivers will pay tolls to drive on it, this twenty-mile bypass of Monroe through Union County will have no toll booths. This session will explain the details behind the technology of all-electronic tolling as well as other innovations the Turnpike Authority is developing for the benefit of its customers.

    Speaker: David Jones, North Carolina Turnpike Authority

  • 10 a.m.

    Exploration into Kinesiology @ LV2300

    In this session I will conduct an interactive presentation on the different aspects of Kinesiology. Kinesiology is the science of human movement, and uses muscle testing to identify structural, chemical and emotional imbalances in the body. The evaluation and healing of these energy imbalances is brought about by a broad spectrum of manual and non-manual therapeutic procedures.

    Speaker: Karla Jones

  • 11 a.m.

    Making Records on a Laptop @ LV1410

    This session covers the basics of computer-based recording using the ProTools platform. Topics include, an overview of the Digital Audio Workstation and it's relationship to the recording studio, basic tools and techniques of recording and mixing in the ProTools platform. This info will apply to other recording systems.

    Speaker: Dan Guerrie.

  • 11 a.m.

    Minecraft: Ultimate Tinkerer's Sandbox @ Martin House

    Learn how Minecraft is an incredible learning environment for children interested in technology.

    Speaker: Martin House.

  • 11 a.m.

    STEM Stop-Motion Animation @ LV1237

    John Lemmon will host a hands-on workshop on creating stop motion animation on STEM topics using iPad and ReadyANIMATOR animation equipment. Samples of student-made animation on STEM classroom topics will be shown, including Heat Transfer, Changes in States of Matter and "What is STEM?". And participants will help create a stop motion STEM animated movie during the session.

    A traditional character animation studio in Charlotte, NC, USA, we bring to life your TV spot, Explainer Video or educational video. We use the classic cartoon animation techniques of 2D animation and clay animation.  To learn how to add character to your next animation project, contact John Lemmon at or 704.847.0882.

  • 1 p.m.

    10 Things you Must Do Before You Release an Album @ LV1410

    This session covers the essential steps necessary to cover both the legal and promotional aspects of an album release. Revenue streams, Record Distribution and Copyright are a few of the topics which will be covered.